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Dr Melania Chiponda

Dr Melania Chiponda

Dr Melania Chiponda has work experience stretching over 17 years working on research and advocacy within the context of the extractives in the NGO sector. Her research and advocacy work engages with the global extractive sector from a women's rights perspective, with a focus on the devastating impacts of the sector, including climate change and women's access to land, livelihoods, and energy. She has expertise in qualitative research work, as her research approach is embedded in participatory action. One of her key competences is her ability to come up with strategies and programs that seek to translate theory into practice. She has a strong commitment to gender justice, climate, and development justice for women and other marginalized groups, in order to restore and enhance their capacity while creating societal conditions favorable to attainment of their goals.

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Main Auditorium

Plenary Session: Women’s voices in shaping Africa’s energy transition