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Riska Koopman

Riska Koopman

Program Director - Oxfam

A passionate intersectional feminist activist deeply interested in Africa's growth ,development and role in the world. I have extensive knowledge and experience of the BRICS and China-South Africa relations. I have over 5 years experience building, supporting and shaping activists learning, and civil society organisations/ movements in sub-Saharan Africa, mostly focused on the economic and tax justice agenda, with a increasingly strong feminist lens. My geographic and academic focus is the BRICS countries, focusing on the investment and project exchanges between member and non-member countries via the BRICS and its multiple institutions such as as the NDB and the ARC. I believe in the vast potential of our continent and its people, I recognize the need for a feminist oriented development agenda, and building strong movements grounded in the principles of transformation, democracy, transparency equality and accountability.

8:00 am - 8:30 am
Courtyard and Entrance